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Brooke Milliner is, without doubt, one of the freshest choreographic talents in the UK. A former British trampoline champion, Brooke studied at the BRIT School for Performing Arts and then at Bird College of Dance where he gained a strong trained dance background.

However, he chose to primarily focus his 
talents on the street dance styles and over the past 10 years became the forerunner of the UK’s street
dance scene and a global ambassador winning numerous major international events and gaining recognition and respect for his skills from his peers and from many of the original generation dance icons and pioneers.

Brooke is probably best known as the choreographer and lead dancer of the crew, Plague, who he has led to two Hip Hop International World Championship titles, a feat never achieved by any other UK dance group. His trademark style has been hugely influential on the younger generation of dancers, dance groups and other choreographers and is often imitated but never duplicated.

As a professional choreographer, Brooke has worked on a number of major campaigns, music videos and live events. His work is always based on quality of movement, musicality and originality so that each creation is unique, cutting edge and highly relevant to both the client and the audience.
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