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Jens-Antonio Schyth Brøndum, born in Guatemala city, raised in Colorado, USA, and since 2010 living in Copenhagen. Jens' training in ballet in the USA (2001-2010) became the foundation of his passion for dance as well as his professional career. In 2015, Jens graduated from the Danish School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen with a BA in Modern Dance and Choreography. Since then, Jens has worked in Denmark and Europe.
Jens is the founder and artistic director of the modern dance company DeLeónCompany, which Reumert was nominated for Dance Performance of the Year for “Ocean of our Motion”. Together with artistic producer and dancer, Stina Strange, the company has created dynamic, physical and poetic works since 2018.
Jens has choreographed a sea of ​​music videos and participated in several theater and dance performances, commercials and more. Including bla. Uppercut Dance Theater, The Royal Opera, Christopher, Alex Vargas, Medina, Ea Kaya, Fitness World etc. Jens has also danced in SitaOstheimerCompany (Berlin, 2015-2020), which has performed with the performance "MOLINO" and "US" on several international stages in Europe, as well as Daegu, South Korea and others.
Teaching has been a big part of Jens' personal journey through dance. At an early age, Jens had the opportunity to teach at the many Copenhagen dance schools and educations. Here, Jens has been involved in educating six cohorts at the Dance Education at Sara Gaardbo and Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School. In addition, Jens has since 2015 been a regular part of Gaardbodans' evening school and talent teaching. Jens' close collaboration with Anja Gaardbo has helped to create his own approach to teaching.
In Jens' classes, students of all ages and levels can expect an enormous passion for dance and its many facets. He places great emphasis on creating a free space for the students where there is room for passion, mistakes, sweat and imagination, and where the desire to make the dance bigger is emphasized. Jens wants to clarify the blockages, both physical and mental, that are formed throughout life, in order to work with them in the dance, instead of against them. Recycle of all Energy and what we learn through failure has become a big part of Jens' hours. All this together to create teaching that potentially extends beyond the usual dance class.
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