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Tobias Ellehammer is a creative mind and director/producer/writer best known for his revolutionary work using new aspects of dance, choreography and movement to shape storytelling and direction. He's known among most people for his grand scale conceptual tribute dance videos to the Jackson family, his choreography on the Martin Jensen "Solo Dance" music video and his work with Super Junior on their 2017 comeback single "Black Suit".

With the intention of sharing a message he believed in, he started of back in 2015 with the Janet Jackson ''Burn It Up'' video bringing some of the top choreographers in London together to make a video about versatility. Janet ended up expressing her love for the video by sharing it on her Twitter account.

Only a year later Tobias produced and created the sequel now honoring the king of pop on his birthday. This video was created to the song ''Black Or White'' by Michael Jackson with the very important and relevant message ''Humanity Should Be Our Race. Love Should Be Our Religion'' and for this concept Tobias traveled around the globe to film in 12 countries in under 16 days. All scenes were featured with local dancers joining in for the scenes filmed in their country. Accompanied by film maker and dear friend Mike Dones who also filmed and co-directed the Burn It Up video, they managed to film scenes in Venice, Copenhagen, Paris, London, Sydney, Iceland, Tokyo, New-York, Dubai, Moscow, Berlin and Barcelona. The video went viral across the globe with over 20 mil. views on various social media platforms.

The final chapter of the trilogy ''Scream'' was released the 1st of January 2019 and was the most personal project Tobias has ever done. He invested 2 years of his life to make this vision come to life and to finish the Jackson trilogy exactly how he imagined it. All 3 of these videos in the trilogy, was entirely self founded by Tobias with no sponsors or financial support whatsoever.

Besides his own projects Tobias has in his career worked with recording artists such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue, Jason Derulo, Liam Payne, Steps, Olly Murs, the Korean boy band 'Super Junior' and BTS solo member Jungkook. Throughout the years Tobias became known for his specific style with his choreography/direction and has been considered by many to break boundaries within the dance community and entertainment industry.

Tobias has been known over the years for his unique work where the goal is to convey dance and movement with other genres of storytelling and to build bridges between the commercial and artistic expression within the art of direction.
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